You start with a Risk Free Start Up Package at A Body In Balance! We will tailor a package to meet your needs, then try us out for one month so you can see what we are all about before making a longer term commitment. 
  • A Free Orientation: In your orientation we will cover your goals and introduce you to the Pilates Reformer equipment. We will cover safety, proper technique and lead you through some of the fundamental exercises in the Pilates Method.
  • One, Two or Three Private Sessions: Our start up packages allow you to choose the program that best fits your needs. For beginners we find that three private sessions will provide you with all the personal attention you need to begin building a solid foundation in the Pilates Method.  If you have been away from Pilates for 6 months or more two privates will get you back up to speed with our group classes.  For those currently active in Reformer classes one private session will allow you to become acquainted with our studio and let us know you are moving safely on the equipment.
  • Ten Semi-Private Pilates Reformer Classes: Our Reformer classes are restricted to five people or less. This allows our teachers to focus on keeping you moving while also paying attention to correcting the small details in your technique. We find that more personal attention keeps you moving safely, and allows you to get maximum results from your Pilates classes. You get the benefits of a private session without the high cost.
  • Private Facebook Group. You'll also get access to our Private Facebook Group to connect with other participants, share in weekly challenges, get recipes and tips, and have any questions you may have answered by me and my staff.
  • Our Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee : If you decide you don’t want to continue after your package ends, no problem, simply walk away with no further obligation. In fact, if you feel that you did not improve your fitness in any way, strength, flexibility, confidence or you aren't feeling better about yourself, there is a 100% money back guarantee.
- Matt Mercer
If I have to briefly sum it up I would choose those words. My name is Matthew Mercer and I came to the Pilates Method looking for a way to control sciatic pain down my right leg, and reduce lower back pain so I get  back to doing the things I love.

My back issues are a combination of over-use in my first career as a stagehand, being a recovering gym rat and repetitive stress from many years of martial arts training.  I also sustained a cracked L-5 vertebra in a sky-diving accident in my mid 20s. 

I swear,  sometimes all it took was me THINKING about moving wrong and I would have back spasms for a week.  Working was a nightmare, any given night you might find me hiding in a closet stretching and hoping I could make it through my shift.

Today I own a Pilates studio because I feel that nobody should have to live with that kind of pain! The Pilates Method helped get me back on my feet, and I am confident it can work for you as well.
By trade I have 20 years of experience as a show electrician and moving light technician.  I had the fantastic opportunity to work shows like Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus, EFX!, Mamma Mia, and Phantom of the Opera.

At the tender age of 40 I found myself seriously overweight, unhappy with the direction my life was taking and decided to do something about it. In the process of making my transformation I started following my new dream of owning a fitness business.

In January, 2013 I had the opportunity to become the new owner of A Body In Balance, a Pilates studio in Las Vegas Nevada. Today I enjoy my new life helping others maintain or re-claim their active lifestyle.

I am a BASI Pilates graduate and a certified fitness trainer through ISSA. I am also certified in metabolic resistance training and hold a black belt in Karate and a black sash in Kung Fu.  

...and of course, my cat's name is Hamlet.

Good lookin' guy there, ya?

Maybe you are living with a persistent ache in your lower back or some pain running down one leg? Is that pain beginning to prevent you from doing the things you enjoy most?

Have you been putting yourself before others for a few years, taking care of life, taking care of your family, and getting your career off the ground? NOW do you feel that it's time to work on YOU?

You may be thinking, "I don't feel like I'm any older on the inside." You probably even like to behave like you did in your twenties (or for some even younger...), but you are noticing that it take a little longer to recover. 
What you need to understand is that your body doesn't operate the same way as it did 10 years ago. You have noticed a little extra weight creeping in, and when you get up in the morning your body is stiff. You might be experiencing some low back pain, and now you’re wondering… “What happened?” 

This happens to EVERYONE as we move into the second half of our lives. Our bodies are different, we move differently, certain areas feel softer and we don’t have the metabolism that we did when we were in your early twenties. Remember being able to work all day, stay up all night with friends, and get up the next morning ready to do it again?

Yeah.., me too. 

Back then we didn't have to work out as hard, maybe really not at all. THEN next thing you know, you have a family, bigger responsibilities, a mortgage, some extra fluff around your mid section and everything you have tried just hasn't worked. 

If you can relate to any of this we may have the solution for you.
At A Body In Balance we help men and women 30, 40, 50 and beyond continue to enjoy their active lifestyles by providing semi-private Reformer Classes and Private Pilates sessions that provide results quickly and safely.
Imagine what it would be like to put an end to your lower back pain. Your everyday aches and pains subside, you stand taller with better posture, and your friends keep asking:
Imagine how good it can feel to get a full night of sleep without medication or waking up in the middle of the night. Think about being able to keep up with your kids or grand-kinds before they have grown bigger than you.

How good will it feel to have more energy to do the things that matter most to you, and having the confidence to take that dream vacation you thought you could never go on. 

Imagine playing your favorite sport well into the second half of your life after most your age have given up and are sitting on the couch. 
How about picking up an extra hobby or even just being able to better care for yourself and others.  These are just a few of the experiences people just like you have ALL the time. Why shouldn't that be you?
Real Benefits!
Confidence that you will be doing the exercises safely and correctly. Our instructors will be taking the time to make corrections to your posture and alignment.
Excitement of doing things you didn't think possible PAIN FREE, even after just a few workouts you will notice the difference.
Results each week you will feel your core getting stronger, and the exercises getting easier, every week you will experience something new to keep you wanting more.
Support every step of the way because you are not by yourself. You are surrounded by others that are going through what you are going through.
Motivation that keeps you moving through your program even after a long day with an angry boss, heavy traffic, and that Las Vegas heat in the summer.
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